Young fans enjoy the giant photo of Lionel Messi and Maradona at the swimming pool

The message that Messi wants to convey can be written by thousands of Argentine supporters on a massive mural that features an image of the 36-year-old superstar.

Messi được tôn vinh theo cách độc đáo

The well-known resort known as Balneario 12, which is situated in the city of Mar del Plata, in the eastern region of Argentina, has taken this one-of-a-kind initiative.Messi was the subject of a massive mural that was painted on the football pitch in celebration of Argentina’s victory in the world championship for the first time in one year. Grupo Sismo, the most prominent street painting artist in Argentina, is responsible for the creation of this work.

Bức tranh Messi nâng cúp VĐTG được vẽ lên sân bóngBức tranh tường khổng lồ mới được khánh thành vào cuối tháng 12

Late in the month of December, the ceremony that will mark the beginning of Messi’s enormous murals will be attended by Chiqui Tapia, the Chairman of the Argentine Football Federation, as well as a large number of former players.Beginning on January 2, the Balneario 12 resort will allow supporters to enter the football field and scribble comments addressed to Messi on a wall picture that will be displayed on the resort entrance.The purpose of this activity is not only to pay tribute to Messi but also to encourage more people to come and relax. These messages will be passed to Messi once the mural has been completed and the message from the fans has been covered up.Early messages from children and previous players were displayed on the giant picture of Messi. These messages were posted on the picture.

Các cổ động viên nhí thích thú với bức tranh khổng lồ về MessiMessages such as “Leo, thank you,” “Thank you idol,” and “Thank you for never giving up” are examples of typical communication from the supporters.

Những thông điệp được gửi tới nhà vô địch World Cup

The statement that was made by Turco Garcia, a former player for the famed Huracan Club and a former Argentine player, stated that “Leo is a phenomenon and he deserves everything.”According to a statement made by Daniel Montenegro, a former midfielder for both Marseille and Argentina, “Messi is the greatest player in the history of football.”In Argentina, the resort known as Balneario 12 is frequently associated with significant football competitions. Additionally, in the year 2020, when Maradona passed away, this resort paid tribute to the Golden Boy by putting his name on the pool.

Khu nghỉ dưỡng Balneario 12 cũng từng tôn vinh Maradona với hình ảnh ở bể bơiBalneario 12 resort also once honored Maradona with the image in the pool

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