Unprecedented Discovery: Confirmation of Extraterrestrial Artifacts on Earth Sparks Questions About UFO (OVNI) Origins and Extraterrestrial Life

In 1974, scientists sent a message containing the location of earth in the solar system, the structure of our DNA, and other space-related details.

In an effort to discover intelligent extraterrestrial life, Carl Sagan sent a transmission known as the “Arecibo” message into space via radio waves.

the message to intelligent extraterrestrial beings was the most powerful radio transmission ever transmitted into space by mankind.


By comparison, the signal sent into space was a million times stronger than a typical television broadcast.

Aimed at a cluster of stars over 25,000 light-years away, the pictorial message was sent in the hope that one day we would receive a similar response from another civilization.

the radio signal included the location of our planet earth in our star system, the basics of math and science, and the type of antenna used to transmit the signal, all characteristics that an intelligent extraterrestrial civilization would need to understand.

the message crafted by Carl Sagan and his colleagues also included information about our species, our music, even our physical appearance was included in the radio message, along with our DNA codes.


A few years after the signal was sent, people forgot about it.

A pattern appeared in a farm field, right next to the UK’s largest telescope and observatory, Chilbolton, home to the world’s largest fully steerable weather radar, and surprisingly it looked like a response to the transmission sent.

It was considered by many to be one of the most impressive and important crop circles to ever appear on our planet, because this circle, unlike others, carried a message straight from space.


While many have dismissed the crop circle near Chilbolton as just another hoax, analysis has shown that it carried a message, or rather a response, from another civilization.

Describing a different solar system in the universe, the image of the transmitter, non-human DNA and some microwave antennae, Chilbolton’s Crop Circle was the final answer we had always hoped for.

Incredibly, just a year before the alien message was discovered, in the year 2000, a circle of unknown shape appeared near Chilbolton.

A year later, the puzzle was assembled and we could see that the crop circle that appeared in 2000 was actually a representation of the microwave telescope used to transmit the signal to us.


In 2001, three days after the mysterious answer appeared next to Chilbolton;

According to the bibliotecapleyades.net portal, the decimal equivalents of the binary code have not been changed from the original ‘Arecibo’.

Silicon, an element with atomic number 14, was added in the correct order: between oxygen (atomic number 8) and phosphorus (atomic number 15).

In 1969, the late Ben Volcani, a renowned microbiologist at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, discovered the crucial role of silicon in carbon-based life.


His work and that of his colleagues (such as Charles Mehard, also at Scripps, and Edith Carlisle in the 1970s at UCLA) demonstrated that the presence of silicon is essential in a variety of terrestrial life forms, as well as in the structure

It remains to be debated whether the crop circle that appeared next to Chilbolton was, in fact, an alien response.

However, many people strongly believe that Chilbolton 2001 is not just a genuine message from another intelligent alien civilization in the universe, but that we receive similar messages almost every day.

source : kenhthoisu.net

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