Thanks to the stunning views of nature, your imagination is intensified like never before

Information about the Blue Wall Viewpoint and the Grotto


One of Malta’s main attractions is the view of the Blue Wall and Grotto Cave, which attracts thousands of visitors every year, as tourists flock here to see the impressive cave via local boat tours (which They are rarely full, despite the large quantity). It is also a very popular place for diving and snorkeling, with its clear, clean and deep waters. The view offers stunning panoramic views of the surrounding island, with its distinctive rock formation.


Bali has long been known as Asia’s tourist paradise with its beautiful scenery and attentive service. The stretches of pure white sand beaches, crystal clear waters that can be seen in the background and a pleasant climate will make visitors fall in love. In Bali, there are countless places and activities for tourists to explore. The highlight is Bali Swing, an exciting “swinging” game and also a place of “excellent virtual living”. Bali Swing is known as the “most dangerous swing in the world”, the place to create unique photos that every visitor wants to have when they come to Bali.


sea ​​island, king kong

King Kong, from the special drama film “King Kong”, the prototype setting is a gorilla. This giant is tens of meters high and its stature is extremely large. He has great strength and a certain amount of wisdom. It is not just a simple development of the limbs.


There are also many movies directed at King Kong, such as “King Kong”, “King Kong vs. Godzilla”, etc.


The islands in the sea in the picture are made by petites based on the real islands. He looks like a King Kong with limbs inserted into the sea.

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