Son of Cristiano Ronaldo, a rising star who continuously scores super goals, making fans believe in a new dynasty

At home, the young boy is affectionately called “Cristianinho,” which translates to “Little Cristiano.” This is because the father and son share a multitude of similarities, particularly their shared passion for playing football. Cristiano Ronaldo himself takes great satisfaction in this, readily supporting his son’s budding success in the sport.


“We will see if our son can become an excellent football player. He has potential. He’s fast and has good passing skills, but that’s not enough. I always teach my son to work hard,” Ronaldo shared. “I don’t place undue pressure on my child to become a football player, but I want that to happen.”


Little Ronaldo Jr. enjoys the finest conditions to nurture his talent. He often frequents the football field to observe his father’s matches, gradually acclimating to the heat and intensity of the game. Notably, he also possesses the opportunity to join the youth teams of renowned clubs such as Real Madrid, Juventus, and Manchester United, which boast some of the finest training facilities in Europe.

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