rr Chelsea executives are of the opinion that the club’s recruitment team has overlooked pivotal elements in the recent signing

Reportedly, concerns are being posed behind the scenes regarding the club’s recruiting staff, so it’s not just Mauricio Pochettino who is under more scrutiny at Chelsea.


The west Londoners lost 4-2 to Wolves on Sunday and are now below them in the Premier League position after allowing four goals in their second straight meeting.


The defensive record under Pochettino’s squad is worse than it was under Graham Potter, with 39 goals conceded in 23 league games. Surprisingly, they have allowed more goals than Everton, who are in 18th position.

They are fifteen points behind fourth-place Aston Villa and currently sit in eleventh place, making a European berth appear unlikely based on their league position; however, they could qualify for the tournament if they win the Carabao Cup.

Pochettino is under increasing pressure following a tenth league defeat in a disappointing season; Thiago Silva’s wife Belle has even gone as far as to sаy he should be fired.

The Daily Mail states that influential people behind the scenes are examining not only Pochettino but also the people responsible for player recruiting as a possible cause of Chelsea’s present problems.

Three senior recruiters—Paul Winstanley, Laurence Stewart, and Joe Shields—have signed promising young players almost exclusively.


The squad is now inexperienced and led by inexperienced individuals, and there is a general consensus that the strategy was flawed.

On Sunday against Wolves, only Thiago Silva (who will undoubtedly go when his contract ends in the summer) and third-choice goalkeeper Marcus Bettinelli were older than 30. These factors were not considered at the time of player acquisition.

Most of the other players on the team are either too young or have never played in the Premier League before.

Rumоr has it that оther Premier League clubs have singled оut the yоuth оf the team’s nucleus as a pоtential vulnerability tо explоit this seasоn.

When considering Pochettino’s managerial performance this season, it is helpful to keep in mind that he has had little sаy over the team’s roster composition and player recruitment targets.

There is a perception that there may be an excess of voices due to the involvement of three top persons in recruitment, which has impeded the development of a unified transfer plan.

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