.C.Ronaldo and Georgina went hand in hand to watch boxing, which fans caught.

On October 28, in the evening, superstar Cristiano Ronaldo held girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez’s hand tightly. The two of them went to watch boxing in the capital city of Riyadh.

imageSeveral well-known football and boxing figures, including C. Ronaldo and his girlfriend, flocked to the Boulevard Kingdom Arena to witness the bout between UFC fighter Francis Ngannou and heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury. As soon as the two stepped off the bus and into the hallway, they grabbed attention.


Georgina moved aside to allow her boyfriend to greet Connor McGregor, the former UFC champion. A few hours after helping to win the 3-1 over Al Feiha, the Portuguese superstar watched boxing. In the Saudi Pro League, C. Ronaldo’s team finished in second place, four points behind leaders Al Hilal.


C. Ronaldo, former teammate Rio Ferdinand (from left), former UFC champion Connor McGregor, and fellow legend Luis Figo posed for a picture.


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