25 Fashion Tattoo Ideas for Women


Women are lovers of ink nowadays, many have chosen to get at least one tattoo on their skin , but you should know that there is a diversity of tattoo designs, sizes and places on your body to capture them , there are even many in trend that You will surely love them .

Next, we will present you the 25 best ideas of fashion tattoos for women, many of which will be of great help to inspire you to create your next tattoo and make it truly exclusive, beautiful and never go out of style. Attention to every detail!


Best Fashion Tattoo Ideas for Women

There are many women who love to decorate their skin with tattoo designs, some love them bigger and bolder while others like small and delicate designs. Now it will depend on the tastes that each person has. But what is true is that fashionable tattoos for girls are delicate and simple.

In general, currently the most trendy designs are those small ones that can be hidden with hair, rings, or bracelets, among others, that look delicate but do not look overloaded.


There are certain aspects that you should know regarding fashionable tattoos for women, the simpler the prettier they are, in addition, you should choose the ideal design for you among the models that we present in this post so that later you will not regret wearing it. your skin, the size and also the place where you want it to be captured.

There are many incredible areas where these fashion designs will look fascinating , many girls love the area of the fingers, the wrist, the back, even the legs to show off with any neckline or cover up whenever desired. Without a doubt the area will depend on you. But you should know that a nice and delicate design looks wonderful in any area.


Tattoo Fashion and Meaning

It should be a tattoo that, in addition to being fashionable, is very meaningful to you and fits your style . Among the most popular fashion tattoo designs today are those of small birds, bouquets of wild flowers, roses, butterflies, symbols such as unfilled hearts that can look delicate, among others. We are sure that you will find a special model that suits you.

Now , there are fashionable tattoos for women in 3D in white ink, we also get watercolor style and others in black ink or minimalist version, without a doubt great styles that many women will want to have at least one on their skin.


Nowadays, for women, the less size and complexity the designs have, the better the tattoos look. The current trend is that the simplest is what is most sought after by girls who love delicate things because they manage to be discreet.



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