“Shark Attack Survivor Turns Millionaire with Nude Photos – Fans Confused by Lingering Scar”

A high-earning OnlyFans model says that when she does one-to-one video chats with her fans, they always ask about the sizeable scar which runs the length of her arm

A millionaire ᴀᴅuʟт model says fans always ask about her scar when she strips off – which she got from a shark attack.

Autumn Renae explained on OnlyFans-themed podcast OnlyStans that a lot of people who spot it wrongly ᴀssume that she had a dark meaning.

She said: “I was bitten by a shark when I was four years old and a lot of times my subscribers will say ‘Do you need to talk?’ They think I tried to off myself because I have this huge scar.”

While the scar isn’t obvious at first, it can be noticeable in the explicit videos that she posts to OnlyFans. Autumn said the shark attack took place under the famed St Pete Pier, in St Petersburg, Florida. She continued: “Nothing good happens in St Pete. You can’t see what’s under the water, that’s the problem.”

The scar, which runs the length of her arm, doesn’t seem to have harmed Autumn’s earning potential. She has already made $1m since starting OnlyFans, and bought herself a house with two acres of land.

She’s still dating her high-school sweetheart and bought him a truck – although Autumn herself is still driving the jalopy her parents gave her when she was 16.

Autumn built an audience early because she was flirting with glamour pH๏τos at a young age.

She explained: “I was a lucky girl. When I was 17, I was very big into social media. I loved posting underboob and skimpy ʙικιɴιs at 17 so I grew up a following and was essentially foreplaying them for years without even knowing I was foreplaying them.”

She only started posting pictures to the ᴀᴅuʟт site to help pay her way through college, but then she dropped out because she was making so much money. She now offers a dizzying array of different kinds of content including explicit videos and personal one-to-one video chats.

But in many of the conversations Autumn has with eager fans, she says, as soon as she takes her top off, conversation will turn to the story of that scar.

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