Mysterious Object Strikes Earth Within One-Kilometer Radius, Devastating Surrounding Flora

What is happening in our skies lately?


And it seems that the different space agencies are trying at all costs to propose logical and rational explanations to avoid thinking too much.


Residents of the community of Larɑñɑhᴜayca, in the Andes region of Pᴜno, Peru, were terrified when they saw three mysterious spheres falling from the sky engulfed by flames.

A strange giant ball that appeared on a beach in Japan baffles the authorities

But on Tuesday, the Peruvian Air Force declared that the incident could have been the reentry of the Russian SL-23 rocket and that the three objects were satellite fuel tanks.


Barɾos confirmed at the time of the incident that there were no international flights in the airspace.

“When debris enters the atmosphere, it is subjected to intense friction, which causes it to ignite,” Fonseca said.


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