Kaka received the biggest salary in the American Professional League after joining the competition here, making fans crazy

MLS is currently a paradise for world soccer stars who have reached the end of their careers. Good remuneration and a not too fierce football environment have attracted many great players such as Steven Gerrard, Frank Lampard or Kaka to play in the US.
Kaka is currently the highest paid star in MLS.
According to the announcement of the MLS Players Association, the player receiving the highest salary in this tournament is Kaka. The 33-year-old Brazilian midfielder pocketed $6.6 million a year while playing for Orlando City.
Gerrard also pocketed more than 6.2 million USD/year when he moved to America to play football.
Lampard is also on the list of players with huge salaries.
Meanwhile, despite being 35 years old, former Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard still receives a salary of 6.2 million USD a year at LA Galaxy. Slightly shorter than former Chelsea midfielder Frank Lampard. At New York City Club, the former Blues star pocketed $6 million a year.
Didier Drogba receives a lower salary than other stars of his time.
A former teammate of Lampard, Didier Drogba, is also on the list of stars receiving huge salaries in the US when the “Wild Elephant” pocketed more than 1.6 million USD per year. Gallant midfielder Andrea Pirlo is a rookie of MLS but already has a salary of 2 million USD/year.
Just joined the MLS tournament, but Pirlo also has a very high income.

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