Inter Miami owner David Beckham was spotted on the new £29 million luxury superyacht named Seven with a beautiful girl

When David Beckham set off on his brand-new yacht, which cost him £29 million, yesterday, it appeared as though his life would be easy sailing.

After playing for England and Manchester United, the former player went on his maiden trip on his mega-boat with his wife Victoria and her family, which included her parents.


7David went for a first cruise on his mega-boat with wife Victoria and family, including her parents, Anthony and Jackie Adams, who are seen sitting between the BeckhamsCredit: MEGA


7The new £29million superyacht is named Seven after the former England skipper’s shirt number along with being the middle name of his ten-year-old daughter HarperCredit: MEGA


7A provocative black minidress was worn by Victoria when she arrived for the trip, as seen in the photo of her with David on the yacht.

The name Seven was chosen for the vessel since it is the same as his shirt number for the Red Devils and as the captain of his country, and it is also the middle name of his daughter Harper, who is ten years old.

Becks was on the crest of a wave as he laughed and joked during the sun-kissed Florida escapade. He was clothed in black shorts, a white T-shirt, and a baseball cap that was worn back-to-front. Becks did not shave his head.

“David appeared to be overjoyed as he set sail on his gleaming boat,” claimed a bystander who was present. For a very long time, he has had the desire to own a yacht, and he really couldn’t be happier with his new toy.

According to The Sun, he was assisting in the design of the plaything that was manufactured in Italy.

After paying a visit to the Ferretti shipyard in Forli, the 46-year-old father of four splashed out on the boat that is 93.29 feet in length.

It was delivered to Becks nearby its mooring, which is in close proximity to the celebrity’s apartment in Miami, which is valued at £19 million.

After four attentive crew members had prepared the vessel, he set sail alongside Posh, her parents Anthony and Jackie Adams, and brought them beverages from a silver platter. Posh’s parents were also attending the ceremony.

At the same time as the company was merrily conversing on the upper deck while sitting on comfortable seats, floral arrangements and fluffy white towels were scattered throughout the boat.


7Becks is in the money after finalising a ten-year, £1290million deal to promote this year’s World Cup finals host country QatarCredit: MEGA


7Also taking pleasure in the Beckham family vacation were (from left to right) sons Cruz and Romeo, Victoria’s niece Libby Adams, who is twenty years old, and daughter Harper, in addition to a buddy named Ahmed Al-Sibai.

The 47-year-old Victoria came for the trip wearing a provocative black mini-dress and sunglasses. She then changed into a warmer clothing before continuing on with the excursion.

Other members of the family, such as Harper, Romeo, the couple’s second son, who is 19 years old, and Mia Regan, who is also 19 years old, are also seen having a good time in photographs shared on social media.

Cruz, Victoria’s youngest son, who is 16 years old, Libby Adams, Victoria’s niece who is 20 years old, and Ahmed Al-Sibai, a friend, were also on board.

In its five state rooms, the boat has the capacity to accommodate ten people. Furthermore, the status symbol of the millionaire is capable of reaching a high speed of thirty knots. In addition to that, it features a beach deck and an enlarged swim platform.

The chief executive officer of Ferretti, a company that manufactures boats, said the following about Becks’ yacht: “There is a lot of steel on this boat, and glass as well.” We are encircled by glass on all sides. One may say that it is a miniature crystal palace.

As an additional point of interest, he stated, “We sell feelings, we sell pleasure, we sell entertainment, we sell a good time, but we don’t sell boats.” In other words, we sell a pleasurable way of life.

After finalizing a ten-year, £1290 million deal to market Qatar, the country that will be hosting the World Cup finals this year, Becks is on the verge of making a fortune.

On the other hand, he met with widespread condemnation for accepting the money, given that the nation has a dismal track record with regard to human rights.


7Victoria pictured on the luxury yacht that can accommodate ten guests in five state roomsCredit: MEGA


7Becks with his number 7 shirt as England skipper

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