Get ready to rock those short square nails with these charming designs that will elevate your style all year long.

Knowing which nail shape is the best for you will make your manicure come out so much better. Picking the right nail shape will enhance your features and make your fingers look more elegant. So if you’re wondering which nail shape is the right choice for you, try square. Square nails are a timeless and classy style that can go with almost anything. It’s versatile and takes no effort to maintain, which makes it the perfect choice for beginners.

Short square nails are your best manicure choice for people who prefer a more natural look. They’re practical and can go well with many styles of nail art. From simple to intricate art designs, there are endless ways you can play with short square nails. So to save you from falling down the Internet rabbit hole, we have gathered some of the best ideas on this list.

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