Erling Haaland said goodbye to his private plane worth 3 million pounds, making everyone regretful when they learned the reason.

This season, ERLING Haaland has ceased to play on the wing after selling his private aircraft.

The 23-year-old Man City player, together with two partners and former football international dad Alfie, 51, owned a Piper Malibu that has been photographed all around Europe.


Erling Haaland has stopped playing on the wing this season — after selling his private plane

The Piper M600 is now £3million to buy new

The Piper M600 is now £3million to buy new

Haaland, a striker from Norway, however, has given up on the aircraft, which cost little under £2 million in 2021.

Gun silencer tycoon Eckhoff Johansen, 47, claimed to have paid a significant amount more than the 2021 asking price.

The price of a new Piper M600 is now £3 million.

Erling Haaland takes private jet to Monaco in £1,200 Dolce & Gabbana  tracksuit and watches Grand Prix from yacht | The Sun

Haaland and his father controlled 37.5% of the business that was in charge of the six-seater.

“Erling and Alfie have had fun in their plane,” a source told The Sun.

“However, they are both multimillionaires, so they can afford to rent a private jet without having to deal with ownership issues.”

Manchester City's Erling Haaland touches down in Ibiza for a post-season  holiday| All Football

The fact that they seem to have sold it for more money than they originally paid is a bonus; that’s smart business!

Haaland has been out of the City team for weeks due to a stress injury to his foot, and he has spent Christmas rehabilitating.

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