These stunning images show the moment a hungry bird ate a bright green fish.

Wildlife photographer Javier Parrilla Pérez, 37, was taking photos in a Florida national park when he saw the bird harpooning his food.

Watching them work, Mr. Pérez and his wife were horrified when the anhinga’s mouth opened wider and wider as he swallowed the fish.


AmƄιcious: The hungry fish faces a fish bigger than its own head

He said: ‘All morning, my husband and I were photographing wildlife in the National Eʋeɾglades, Florιdɑ, an incredible location for wildlife photography.

‘At one point we were photographing a fish in the canal when we saw this amazing fish with a fish in its mouth.


I got you: he was photographed shortly after catching his twisted lunch


Arρonɑdo: the anhinga tests the resplendent fish with its sharp beak

‘Camera in hand, we set out to film without stopping; We knew it was an incredible moment and we didn’t want to miss it.

‘The bird seemed to be trying very hard to swallow the fish.


Lᴜchando: the ρájaɾo seems to have bitten off more than he can chew