A Mother Tiger’s Courage: Surviving a Brutal Encounter with a Father Bear

Mother bear fights madly with the ferocious tiger, determined to defeat the opponent to protect her cubs


Bears and tigers are extremely scary animals in the wild. They rarely confront each other, but once they do, they will become terrifying battles worth worrying about.

A dramatic video has attracted many viewers of a mother bear trying to protect her cubs from a tiger attack.


The mother bear rushes to fight the ferocious tiger while the cub hides in a safe place. At first, the mother bear was somewhat weaker than the king of the jungle, and the mother bear quickly fell into a low position.


The tiger is extremely aggressive, it continuously attacks and bites the mother bear’s head. It seemed that the mother bear would submit, but in a moment of neglect, the tiger lost its advantage.


The mother bear jumped up and bit the tiger’s head and caused the tiger pain, not stopping there, the mother bear continued to scratch the tiger’s face with her hand.

Realizing the ferocity of the mother bear, the tiger was helpless and could not resist, it decided to give up its prey, then quickly thaisos ran.


The mother bear is finally safe, the mother bear only minor injuries will recover quickly and it always protects the cubs from danger.

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