70+ Pretty Nail Designs Ideas Inspiring You

Here are the most perfect and beautiful mani design ideas for every mood and atmosphere. Perfect for work, school, or everyday wear. Take your time to enjoy this fantastic manicure art. Don’t forget to save your heart-beating nail designs.


2. Marble-style manicures are always a popular element. Blue ink style mani is fantastic.

3. Peach manicures are beautiful. The metallic gradient color is also stunning.

4. Elegant light blue gradient or light blue marble manicure.

5. Halloween manicures are essential every year.

6. Halloween manicure, light blue gradient, creamy gradient sweet and cute.

7. Yellow gradient manicure with a beautiful light blue, off-white color.

8. Glamorous and lovely nude manicure and pink manicure.

Green manicure vs. other colors.

Source: @texasnailsandspa

Pink manicures have an irresistible charm.

Source: @texasnailsandspa

Vibrant pink and yellow manicure.

Gemstone colors are fascinating, purple, blue, and green gemstone style color manicure, which one do you like more?

9. Short nails are simple and convenient, more suitable for daily wear.

Source: @willowavenuebeauty/reviews/

Elegant French-style manicure.

Source: @kolosova_natalia_nailartist

Oval manicure and almond manicure.

Beautiful flower element style manicure ideas.

Butterfly and flower elements style manicure design.

Cute little animal and flower decorative style manicure.

10. Beautiful painting style nail design.

Eye-catching red manicure.

Butterfly decoration and French tips for a manicure.

Red and floral elements nails.

Unique painted manicure.

French Manicure

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